tbt | not so little anymore

The recent events have made me think. Think about the fact that it is an ongoing task to set the perfect example for your children. I sure am not the best for I work too much, I smoke and I am constantly tired…. call it life my friends!

I am very blessed with a daughter who has her heart on the right spot, even though her attitude is a challenge… I am willing to take it as it is.

She has grown to what to me seems like a blink of an eye. From being my sweet little princess with her flower crowns and twirly dances, to the beautiful and independent young teen curling her hair and putting on her make-up in the morning.

I’ve always been a mother, friend and sometimes even a father to her. Question is : will she appreciate the struggle and the unwilling love she has been given, or is it better for her to explore on her own? Should I have been stricter?

Questions without answers… time will show what the future holds for the both of us. I can only show her the rocky road – try to make it bearable for her in times of need. Teach her right from wrong – with her own decisions which will probably not all be in my acceptance, but to stand by her side through good and through bad times yet to come.

                    Just as my mom did for me.                     

What I know is, she is the best thing that has happened to me. She kept and keeps me sane, shows me life is real, makes me laugh and cry. But most important of all she makes me proud!

                     Proud to be her mommy                      


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