motivation monday | a year ago

…looking back a year on the day today, i would not have thought i would be here the way i am now.
It so happened that i twisted my ankle so bad that i heard every bone break. Horror struck through my body as i fell to the ground. It didn’t really hurt, it felt as if my leg was losing fluid and got very hot. I will never forget this day!

Help arrived very quickly, but to me it seemed like hours… as i heard the ambulance rushing towards the house i must have looked like a complete fool crying and screaming like a three year old.
A bumpy ride and a nice chat with the fellow paramedic trying to keep me calm we finally made it to the ER.
The X-rays confirmed that i fractured my ligament the mid-shaft of the tibia and fibula bones of my leg.
Operation in 30 minutes… oh great!

I was hoping that somehow this pass and all would heal, even though in that moment i wished that this all didn’t happen to me and thoughts of never walking again or losing my leg which must have been an extreme state of shock that crossed my mind.

I still laugh over those thoughts now… The worst part to manage was walking on crutches for 13 weeks… darn, i looked like a bodybuilder and i was fast….

Many months of Physiotheraphy passed that prevented the joints operated on from becoming stiff and lymph drainage that reduced the major swelling of my foot.
11 screws and 2 metal plates kept all of this together.
Now a year later, this week… i will have everything removed through another surgery.

This leads to todays motivation monday quote :



 song of the day : eminem – not afraid 


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