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because a womans heart is a deep ocean of secrets


Some Men don’t realize what they have done… the emotional pain and the self doubts a Person deals with when they reject you.

In the years i haven’t dealt with alot of rejections myself… at least not in personal matter.

I have faced numerous other rejections, if it was the Position of a Job that was promised, or friends that turned out to be nothing less than the ordinary Person Walking passed you on the street… each time something Fails you except it and Keep going.

faith & memories

Personal rejections that seem to matter so much the Feeling that you have hit rock bottom, the Feeling of disgrace for letting them into you thoughts and in your heart can be so painful that you seem to think there is no way out of that Situation.

because a womans heart is a deep ocean of secrets ( true Story )… and i like to keep it that way.
There are of course always people who can continue living as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately there are others ( Like me ) that are not as hard – bitten and brush it off like it had just been another number crossed off their list.

The most important fact about rejection is, that they are not rejecting you. They reject because they are not interested and that is ok. Even if you tell yourself that it is ok it often hits you harder than you think. It’s your brain that signals the word rejection.

But it shouldn’t hurt. Because

  • you don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy
  • Truth hurts, but life goes on
  • if he/ she doesn’t feel the same, it is not always ment that it is about you


  • feel positive, go out and experience the world
  • connect with people you like to be around – who you trust emotionally as well
  • smile
  • don’t wait for Mr./Mrs. Right… it will happen when least expected



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