motivation monday | travel

It’s Monday.  A fresh start is here and a new chance awaits.
From all the things that went wrong last week? Don’t worry about them, you’ll do better this week.


Today’s image from Pinterest was chosen because it’s something that i want do more often again… Having two places called home in my heart it’s not been easy choosing where to belong. I can physically live anywhere, but home is a place not measured by it’s place – it’s more of who we spend this place with is, what i long for.  My mind and body have been so busy worrying about other things that i didn’t realise the memories that you make today are the ones you will remember later


♡ find happiness
♡ be beautiful and smile
♡ start slowly
♡ breath
♡ follow no roads
♡ let it all go
♡ take a walk and adventure
♡ wander, travel & be free…

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