tea with me | life changing…

… sometimes it is hard when you feel like you are drowning. This serious matter made me rethink what had happened the past couple of weeks.

Was it me, or is society just changing way to quick for me to cope with?

I have been struggling with myself and been MIA too long i know!

I have seen this :
“Oh sorry i can’t deal with people today or tomorrow and i don’t think in a week or two it will be any different” feeling once more….

So what i have done to change this situation was one of the biggest steps for myself.
Nobody else is a priority in this other than me!

One of my coworkers from an old Job approached me two days ago saying, “You have calmed down, you have a positive vibe and you are finally taking care of your needs and not the ones of others.”
That really meant so much to me.
I have always been someone to take to much of what people say to serious and it had me bad… for a long time!

Changing my daily structure and adding in a great fitness plan was one of the biggest challenges after my leg had healed.
First, to overcome the fear of breaking every single bone in my body again…
and two, i wanted to become fitter and healthier.
I booked a fitness lesson to examine my fitness level and set up a plan to get in shape and get things off my mind, physically and psychologically at our local Sports Rehab Center.
My Instructor got me pretty tough that hour, but i loved the fact that this was finally something i really wanted and needed in my life.

He set up an 8 week Plan including 20 minutes of cardio, crunches, weights, squats, biceps,- inner & outer thigh workout all combined to a  45 – 70 minute high peek sweat battle.
I started at a low pace and have worked my way through tough moments with the help of my friend Music…

Now 6 weeks into it i can already feel the change and many have already seen a difference as well.
I workout 4 to 5 times a week depending on my working hours and i love every minute of it.

Song of the day : Audioslave (cover) – i am a highway 


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