i live for the blank page…

Nighttime Brainstorming – is what led me to open the first Chapter of the Book 2016. By the time i sit down to write i find it hardest of all to begin. I usually start as if i was in the middle of a conversation. With my family sound asleep, i feel the urge to write.layout

I stare at my blank page… watching the Text Button blink and decide not to put too much thought in “what” i write, but “that” i write. One of the things i remember looking back on the year 2015 is that it has been one of the hardest years of my life.
Not only was it an exciting one but also an incredibly difficult one as well.

I often think that Trials in life are bad things, but in the end you only have three choices to pick from on that Journey. For one you can let it destroy you emotionally and physically…. two, let it define you and three is the choice of a fighter – it strengthens who you are.
With every disappointment comes success and somehow things always work out. Overcoming fear and facing it is the right way of dancing in the rain. There is really nothing that you can do but dive right in.

This new Year has started out with me sleeping, whilst everyone else cheered and laughed at the raging Fireworks flying in the Sky. Woken up by my hugging & kissing Mom who wished me all the Best for the year to come. Although not really in the mood, i somehow figured out who my true friends were the last couple of months. The people who stuck by me, the people who encouraged me to keep going, and the ones who put a smile back on my face… knowing Anxiety and Depression were things i have battled with… i had found myself deleting numbers of negative people that influenced and shattered me in the past. It felt good, and i haven’t regretted one delete button i pressed.
I absolutely need that for a fresh start – I re-designed my blog in just a day and can’t believe i’m still having so much fun creating.

For me, i have decided that i wanted to get back into Blogging, i’ve always loved to blog. I found it quite hard in the past to juggle my life with work and me being a single Parent and making sure all is covered and in its place, that it was never easy to keep track – even if this was my Passion.

Life happened…. Priorities too… but I truly missed it! So here’s to another year of challenges! Hello Twenty Sixteen… may the pages be filled with love and laughter!!

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