dear future man

Life isn’t a box of chocolates? Or what did Forrest Gump say when he sat waiting to visit the love of his life… Yes – you sure never know what you get!
I have had my share of heartaches and immature breakups. Relationshitps where you put all the strength and passion into, and it’s over in just seconds. Words said that you can’t take back and  for the important things that matter,  the person of trust, your best friend, and the person who made you complete is gone.
All those things are worthless if the person looking into your eyes isn’t honest. Relationships like that don’t last long.

Right now i am happy, my friends and family are my priority and fill me out completely, but when you walk into my life –  don’t back off because you think a broken heart can’t love again.
I’m grown up enough to except my past, and if it wasn’t for the experiences, the travel and all the people i met, i surely wouldn’t be where i am and what i am today.
I don’t need anyone to make me happy, i’m just tired.


Climb the hill with me :

  • laugh – and be silly
  • give me goosebumps
  • cry – when you need to
  • talk – even if it is just in silence
  • be thankful – with simple things
  • be passionate – and take my hand ( even when i don’t deserve it )
  • break down my walls – and keep them down
  • trust – and close your eyes
  • be loyal, faithful & true – no girl wants a player
  • give each other room to breath – because i’m sure you have an awesome life as well
  • …. and last – be my friend and truly and deeply love me

 … cause all she ever wanted was unpredictable kisses & unforgettable laughter !!!
-Brandon Villasenor-

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